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Racks of common sense

That time many brothers in the procurement of goods shelves, have heard of the main frame and sub frame, attic, various channels, but still there are many of these brothers share is not very clear, but also a bit mask. Let's tell us today about the main frame and the side frame.
About purchasing medium or heavy or cantilevered shelves, are the main sub frame of a lot of time, we work with the primary and secondary, but also the main side of the shelf, the director general of the primary and secondary is let us can be more efficient and the end of the main and auxiliary shelf is related to shelf use, also related to tectonics.
The main frame and the shelf side, now on the market are mostly used in assembling the shelves, in the process of application, each row of shelves are a main frame and a plurality of side frame, a plurality of sub frame in the end is how much, will be on shelves manufacturers for the rational planning and warehouse planning so, it is more convenient to use.
The main shelf of the shelf is related to the structure, such as the four layer shelf.
The main frame structure: the column group 2, the cross beam 8, the laminates 4 layers;
The sub frame structure: the column group 1, the beam 8, the laminates 4 layers;
Do you see the difference? Yes, as long as the column group is different, because the rack is connected to use, so usually the first shelf is the main rack, that is, there are two column groups, and the secondary frame is connected to the main frame, then form a long row of shelves.
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