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Contact: Miss Huang

Phone: 0750-3908116

Cell phone: 13802606986

Website: www.039349.live

Address: Jiangmen City, No. 53 Longli okimi harrow

About us

Jiangmen weade Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in product development, production and sales. Its main products are motorcycle protection rods, intelligent lifting beds, housing cars, dining cars, swing chairs and hardware products.

The existing factory buildings are more than 6000 square meters, the equipment is about 5000000, the existing technical workers and the management staff are more than 100. The departments under the business are: business department, purchasing department, production department, product development department, quality inspection department and warehouse management department. Each department has clear division of labor, mutual cooperation and responsibility. Our team has experienced managers, salesmen, production technicians, quality inspectors, together with the product R & D staff headed by engineers, forming the core of the enterprise team. Our company has a rigorous customer service process, safety operation procedures and quality control system, and is constantly improving and improving under the efforts of all staff.

The company has a large number of customers who have long been cooperative and trust each other. It is worth mentioning that since its establishment, our company has established a partnership with Jiangmen Changjiang group company, and has become one of the motorcycle parts suppliers of the Changjiang group. It mainly provides motorcycle protection products for the Yangtze River group. At the same time, we cooperate with Singapore Tempest Concepts Pte Ltd. to develop and produce all kinds of hotel supplies, such as intelligent lift beds, room cars and so on, which are sold at home and abroad.

Management idea

Taking good faith as the basis, seeking survival by quality, seeking development with credit

We will be in a sincere attitude, first-class technology, excellent quality, efficient management,

Continue to serve the customers. I hope your company will give you the opportunity to become your company's offer.

One of the quotient is welcome to our company at any time.

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